A woman inspired by the dreamy and textural qualities of Shoegaze and Psychedelic Rock. Now mash that up with the Blues, Country, R&B, Soul, and Gospel. Here you will find Atlanta-based musician, Lianne Hutcheson.
She has been carving out her ambient blues folk rock sound with shimmering and lonely guitar riffs combined with soaring and sometimes gritty jazz vocals. She crafts lyrics that will span topics from friendship, self-reflection, infertility, caregiving & death. She has even been known to the write the occasional love song. In 2018, Lianne and one of her musical collaborations, Chattahoochee Golden Child were acknowledged by NPR’s Tiny Desk contest and featured on their Tiny Desk Music Blog for their contest entry for her song, “Yeah Right”. 


Material for Lianne’s music has never been hard to come by, she has a story like we all do. And after spending a good chunk of her life experiencing difficult and sometimes abusive relationships, being a caregiver to her father with early on-set dementia, losing her best friend to suicide and a plethora of other sad stories, Lianne always came back around to expressing and processing her life through her songs. After her Dad passed in 2010, she enrolled in a therapeutic music training course and started her own early childhood music education business and gently eased herself back into creating music and released a few singles in 2015 and 2016 including one children’s song. 


Lianne can be found playing out every few weeks around Atlanta solo and with her friends in the rock band Chattahoochee Golden Child as the lead singer and rhythm guitar player. She also gets her chorus-nerd/girl-group on by singing harmonies and playing guitar with the Georgia Succulents comprised of local musicians Katie Martin and Jeannie Caryn. Currently working in the studio with local Atlanta producer/musician Christopher Turpin, Lianne is working to complete and release her solo EP soon.